Best Times to Buy, Sell and List

If you’re in the home market or are selling your home, you might be interested to know the best times to buy, sell and list a home. These principles are tentative, but generally hold true on a regular year.


The Best Time to Buy: Spring and Fall

If you’re looking to buy a house, the best time to buy is in the spring or the fall. This is because there is usually an increase in home inventory during these seasons. When there’s more inventory, there are more options for you to choose and your shopping process may be lower maintenance.


The Best Time to Sell: Holidays and Winter

It’s not typical for sellers to sell during the Holidays or winter because they’re typically seasons for relaxation. For that very reason, you should sell your house during those seasons. You will have less competition and easily be able to weed out the serious buyers from the less serious buyers. If someone is really passionate about your home, they will reach out to you no matter when it’s for sale.


The Best Time to List: Early in the Week

When you’re listing your house, you have to keep in mind that the first Sunday open house you hold is the most important indicator of how easy it’s going to be to sell your house. Many agents will list houses on a Thursday afternoon or Friday morning to prepare for a Sunday open house so that it’s fresh on the minds of buyers. However, one good strategy to try is to listing your house on Monday or Tuesday in order to build up momentum.

Of course, we encourage prospective buyers to make the purchase while rates are low (which is right now), but depending on your local market these pieces of advice could serve you well. When looking to buy, sell or list, rake advantage of these data or request assistance today!