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Founded in 2001, Cambridge Lending Group has established itself as a trusted resource and respected mortgage leader in the Chicago’s North Shore community.

Throughout our journey in the financial industry, we have helped thousands of clients find the optimal mortgage plan tailored to their needs, and provided successful solutions for those who have previously been turned down by other lenders. We partner with over 100 lenders, including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders. This vast selection enables us to secure the best terms and minimal closing costs for our clients while maintaining strict standards and procedures designed to prevent misuse of sensitive information.

With a keen eye on the economic situation and current loan programs, we think outside the mortgage credit box and take pride in providing unprecedented service, professional expertise and individual support. The Cambridge Lending Team has decades of combined experience within the industry that has allowed us to build strong relationships with Real Estate Agencies, Appraisers, Home Inspectors and Attorneys; all to better service our clients and find the best type of loan for any individual situation. To ensure complete peace of mind for you and your family, our mortgage loan specialists are available 24/7 and will be happy to provide expert advice and support you throughout the whole process.

Who Should You Choose as a Mortgage Lender?


  • Offer the best in the market
  • Wholesale interest rates

  • Offer the rate for that specific bank
  • Will not be able to offer you better deal from a another institutions products

  • No Cost – $0.00
  • We are paid by the lender

  • $1,000’s in costs and fees

Product Choice & Access
  • Access to over 100 lenders (incluinding banks)
  • Rate promotions
  • Newest industry products

  • Limited access to the bank’s line of mortgage products

Independence & Objectivity
  • Works for YOU – the client

  • Works for the bank

Ongoing Service
  • Keep in touch through mortgage years for annual reviews, refinancing, renovation financing or debt consolidation

  • Get annual statement in the mail notice for your mortgage


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